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Aasam Chettinad Paarampariyam Idiyappam Flour-500gm

Aasam Chettinad Paarampariyam Idiyappam Flour-500gm


  1. Brand: Aasam
  2. Type: Chettinad paarampariyam idiyappam flour
  3. Package Quantity: 1
  4. Weight: 500gm
  5. Ingredients: coconut, little salt and water, rice
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  • Idiyappam Flour is another popular South Indian Dosa dish. The best part of making rava dosa with AASAM FOODS Company’s Rava Dosa Mix is that it does not require any fermentation and is very easy to make. Rava stands for suji or semolina. Hence, the dosa is named after one of it’s main ingredient. Along with semolina, rice flour and all purpose flour are also added to the batter.
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Brands Aasam

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