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Anil Rice Vermicelli-200gm

Anil Rice Vermicelli-200gm


  1. Brand: Anil
  2. Type: Rice Vermicelli
  3. Weight: 200Gm
  4. Package Quantity: 1
  5. Benefits: Tasty and healthy
  6. Categories: Veg
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  • Rice Sevai is a type of rice vermicelli and looks similar to Idiyappam.
  • Rice Sevai, as the name suggests are made out of Rice.
  • They can however be made using other food grains like wheat, Ragi and other millets.
  • Rice Sevai is a popular Breakfast option especially in South India as it needs no oil for cooking and can be steamed and easily cooked.
  • It is also one of the most easily digestible foods.
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