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Budha Lamp 80g-TMM

Budha Lamp 80g-TMM


  1. Crafted with pure brass materiel
  2. It is hourglass-shaped lamp and beautifully designed.
  3. This lamp is a perfect choice for keeping in your puja room.
  4. It is designed in such a way Oil leak proof.
  5. Weight: 80g
  6. Dia: 2.8 inches, Height: 3.8 inches
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  • Light is significant because of the way our instruments of vision are made.
  • If our instruments of vision were made like, let’s say that of an owl, light wouldn’t be very valuable to us.
  • Well-crafted brass lamps are good to keep in Pooja rooms, Prayer Halls, Meeting area in such a way it removes negative energies and spread positive thoughts in the area.
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Brands TMM
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