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Clay Thulasimadam

Clay Thulasimadam


  1. Material : Terracotta Clay
  2. Color : Earthen Brown
  3. Package contains : 1 Planter Pot
  4. Dimensions : W*H - 7 inch * 10 inch
  5. Weight : 5 kg
  6. Best Gifting Option : Prefect for gifting to your relatives and friends
  7. Made In India
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  • Tulsi is not just a sacred plant for Hindu families - this herb also known as Basil possesses immense medicinal properties that makes it a must-have plant for every household.
  • Often used as an ingredient for tea to cure common cold, Tulsi also plays a pivotal role in removing negative energies from the house and eliminating various vastu defects.
  • So, bring home this wonder plant to ensure good health, wealth and happiness for your family. However, keep the following Vastu tips in mind when placing Tulsi plant in the house.
  • The best part in the house to place a Tulsi plant is the eastern side.
  • If it is not possible, place it in a balcony or a window in the north or the north-east direction. Ensure sufficient sunlight is available.
  • The plant must always be kept in odd numbers like one, three or five.
  • Ensure the area surrounding the plant is neat and clean. Do not keep things such as brooms, shoes or dustbins around the planter.
  • Tulsi is regarded as a female plant.
  • Make sure it is not placed along with thorny plants like cactus.
  • You can, however, place other flowering plants in the vicinity.
  • Maintain the plant by watering it regularly. Avoid keeping a dry Tulsi plant in the house as it attracts negative energies.
  • Give A Sparkling Look To Your Home Decor By Bringing Home The beautiful thulasi Madam Planters.
  • Full Of Allure And Elegance, These Beautiful Planters With Designe Lets You Cultivate Your Basil plant in a sacred way.
  • Disclaimer : Color & design may little vary from given Image as this is completely hand made.
  • Disclaimer : Since this is a ceramic item, and is a handmade by rural artisans, it might have certain spots and pin holes.
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