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Iris Fragrance Sachet Set Of 5

Iris Fragrance Sachet Set Of 5


  1. Product Code : IRFS0951
  2. Weight : 1 kg
  3. Quantity : 5 nos
  4. Fragrances : Lavender,
    Apple Cinnamon,
    Blue Berry and Romance
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    • Our fragrance sachet contains vermiculite powder which absorb essential oils and gently release fragrance in the air
    • Ideal for fragrance small spaces like cupboards, drawers and travel bags.

Direction Of Use:

    • Remove the pouch from the box. Can be hung or placed at an appropiate place.
    • When hung, ensure it doesn’t touch any surface on any side.
    • The perfume will spread by surface evaporation depending on the surrounding temprature.


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid direct contact with food.
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Brands Iris
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