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MLP Balakrishna Ghee / Nei - 500ml


  1. Brand: mlp Balakrishna Ghee
  2. Type: Ghee
  3. Package Quantity: 1
  4. Usage: Ghee Is A Ultimate Superfat , It Comes To Nutrients , Digestiability And Flavor
  5. Weight: 500ml
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FI Price: $6.50
SG Price: $8.00
  • Our MLP Balakrishna brand ghee comes in two main varieties namely the cow's ghee(Granulated) and the liquid cow's ghee. MLP Balakrishna liquid cow's ghee is widely used for making sweets and for cooking in south and north Indian cuisines. Since it has great aroma and exclusive taste.This factor ensures the excellent quality of the ghee and the premium mark it maintains among its users
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