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Nilgiris Shikakai Bhringraj-Last Forest

Nilgiris Shikakai Bhringraj-Last Forest


  1. Shikakai gives natural shine and softness to the hair
  2. Natural Shikakai contains Vitamin C & D
  3. Prevents Dry Scalp & Avoids hair loss
  4. Dandruff Resistant
  5. Added with Bhringraj
  6. Mix with Shikakai & Water to make paste and use
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  • Shikakai is used to make hair wash powder by a traditional herbal formula which keeps the hair soft and smooth, popular in South India.
  • The main ingredients here are Shikakai, which is grown in the dry deciduous forest patches, and Bhiringraj, a perennial bunch leaves
  • This is a natural ‘shampoo’ that contains Vitamin C and D and other properties that make it ideal for hair care.
  • It adds shine and softness to the hair, fights dandruff, gives you stronger thicker hair, prevents dry scalp, removes hair lice, delays greying of hair and detangles easily.
  • Instruction of use: Mix the shikakai powder with water to make it a paste and apply on hair
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