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All India Snacks Combo

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    Kolhapuri Bhadang:

  • Our search for India`s most authentic flavors led us to historic Kolhapur.
  • Here, our unique Kaju Bhadang is made at its best with natural, locally sourced ingredients and a secret family recipe perfected over 60 years.
  • A garlicky & spicy flavor with just a hint of sweetness meets the crunch of Ratnagiri baby cashews and puffed rice to leave you wanting more!
  • Sattur Seeval:

  • Welcome to the quaint town of Sattur, famed for its authentic South Indian snacks.
  • Here, our Garlic Seeval is lovingly made with a heritage recipe combining rich desi butter, a garlic infused spice mix and the traditional wood-fire.
  • Tradition meets technique and a simple snack transforms into a crunchy, buttery delight with a memorable luscious feel!
  • Jaipuri Daalmel:

  • We followed our taste buds to Jaipur, the city that effortlessly balances its regal traditions with contemporary tastes.
  • Here, homely lentils are roasted and tossed with a blend of spices and topped with a sprinkling of sweet muri and assorted seeds to create this delicious Jaipuri Daalmel that's scores high on taste and nutrients.
  • So snack away, guilt-free!
  • Bengaluru Hurigalu:

  • Bengaluru`s buzzy streets come alive with this crackling mix of fried lentils and nuts.
  • Enliven your work day with the crunch and spice of Hurigalu balanced with sweet milky tea.
  • Jamnagari Chiwda:

  • Treat yourself to the authentic flavors of Gujarat with this crunchy savoury mixture of crisp wheat flakes and dryfruits.
  • Best enjoyed with a cup of masala chai!
  • Burhanpuri Gathiya:

  • Love spice? Straight from the heart of India, this traditional snack made of wholesome gram flavor is simply bursting with taste.
  • Pair our Burhanpuri Gathiya with fruity chutney and a cup of chai to best enjoy the juxtaposition of flavors.
  • Jaipuri Watermelon Seeds:

  • Imagine a healthier treat that is also tasty!
  • These roasted watermelon seeds tossed with yummy Indian spices is the perfect way to satiate your cravings anytime of the day.
  • Kolkata Chanachur:

  • Really crispy, slightly tangy and very tasty - this humble mixture made of gram flour, flavourful spices and nuts is a Bengali favourite.
  • Open up a pack of our Kolkata Chanachur and make chai-time the new highlight of your day.

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