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Reebok Zjet460 Motorized and Cushionised Treadmill 2.5Hp Dc Motor 20 Level Incline

Reebok Zjet460 Motorized and Cushionised Treadmill 2.5Hp Dc Motor 20 Level Incline


  1. Motor Solid: 2.5HP\5HP motor
  2. Cushioning: ZJET cushioning technology
  3. Speed: maximum speed of 20 km/hr
  4. Incline Power: 15 levels of electronic incline
  5. Bluetooth Reebok App connectivity via dongle
  6. Walking Area (L*W): 140 x 46cm running area
  7. Display: 5.75" LCD back light display
  8. USB/MP3: MP3 connectivity and built in speaker
  9. Programs: 24 pre-set programms
  10. Features Mobile device holder with safety grip texture
  11. Built-in transport wheels
  12. Integrated hand grip pulse sensors
  13. Padded soft touch handles
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  • The Reebok Z-Jet 460
  • Treadmill features: air motion technology has increased running area 140 x 46cm .
  • The technology provides effective air pod cushioning to reduce the impact upon joints whilst running to prevent injuries
  • Powered by a slightly bigger 2.25 HP motor, the Z-Jet 460 has a max speed of 20 km/h at 15 incline levels, making it perfect for more intense incline and interval training.
  • Fit for both high intensity and steady state cardio caters for all abilities with 24 pre programmed workouts.
  • Bluetooth enabled models of treadmill are also compatible with the Reebok Fitness app.
  • The Bluetooth dongle (included) allows you to track and monitor your training whilst planning routes virtually anywhere in the world from your own home.
  • Speed and incline are set easily on the console’s interface with shortcut keys making transitions even simpler.
  • The larger 5.75” LED screen provides indepth workout data and built-in pulse sensors allow you to track your heart rate and stay in your optimal zone.
  • The treadmill features: MP3 compatibility, adjustable cooling fan and foldable functionality, making the Z-Jet 430 a comprehensive, convenient and space saving option for home runner.
  • Reebok ZJET 460 Treadmill + Bluetooth
  • Featuring signature Air Motion Technology, the ZJET 460 reduces the impact of each stride for a smoother running experience. Ideal for both steady state and interval training, the 460’s solid 2.5 HP motor reaches speeds of 20 kph across 15 levels of power incline – catering to all abilities with 24 pre-set programmes.
  • Designed with a 5.75” LCD display.
  • The bluetooth enabled console makes transitions quick and simple with built-in speed and incline shortcuts.
  • The backlit LCD screen displays in-depth workout data whilst you train, with integrated hand-pulse sensors allowing you to track your heart-rate and optimise your run.
  • The 460 Treadmill also features an adjustable cooling fan, MP3 compatibility and fold-able functionality; making the ZJET a comprehensive and space-saving option for the at home runner.
  • 5.75" LCD Control Console
  • Featuring a 5.75" LCD screen, the ZJET's console allows you to monitor and control your run with built-in 5W speakers to help power your workout.
  • Air Motion Technology
  • Designed with signature Air Motion Technology, the ZJET 460 cushions the impact of each stride to reduce joint stress and noise.
  • Strong 2.5HP Motor
  • Built for challenging cardio workouts, the 460's 2.5 HP motor reaches speeds of 20 kph across 15 levels of power incline
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