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Sandal Powder/Santhanam Thul 100g-Sathya

Sandal Powder/Santhanam Thul 100g-Sathya


  1. Brand: Sathya
  2. Type: Sandal Powder
  3. Weight: 100gm
  4. Package Quantity: 1
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  • Powder of pure natural Sandal wood is a well-known Indian traditional skin toner, makes skin smooth & fairer.
  • Ideal for an additive for any face pack.
  • Disinfectant agent that destroys or inhibits the activity of micro organisms that causes disease.
  • When Astringent applied externally astringents cause coagulation of skin proteins and are used to protect the skin from acne, insect bites, superficial cuts or abrasions and allergies.
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Brands Sathya
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