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Sathya Vibuthi-100g

Sathya Vibuthi-100g


  1. Brand: Sathya
  2. Product Type: Vibuthi
  3. Weight: 100gm
  4. Package Quantity: 1
  5. Usage: The Vibhuti is also said to have high healing power and hence it is used in the field of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Tibetian medicines
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  • Vibuthi is a favourite item of Lord Shiva.
  • He always smears his body with the holy ash as it is the most purest thing in this universe.
  • Vibuthi gives spiritual power.
  • It gives glory to one who applies it, protection from ill health and negative forces, and attracts the higher forces of nature.
  • vibuthi gets charged with positive energy.
  • Vibuthi should be taken with the right hand and applied on the forehead as three horizontal lines.
  • The first line stands for removal of Ahankar (pride) the next stands for removal of Ignorance and the third stands for removal of bad karma (actions).
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Brands Sathya
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