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Sheesham Wooden Masal / Spice Box / Traditional Anjarai Petti

Sheesham Wooden Masal / Spice Box / Traditional Anjarai Petti


  1. Material : Sheesham Wood & Fiber lid.
  2. Size : 20.3 x 20.3 x 5.5 cm
  3. Color : Brown.
  4. Contents : 1 wooden spice Box with 9 containers and with 1 spoon.
  5. Color May Vary due to System resolution and light Effect
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  • Wooden Spice Box is used to store spices and it is perfect for your kitchen accessories.
  • It is a multi-purpose box which can be used to store dry fruits, Keep jewelry and other small items.
  • Spice Box Care: Do not expose directly to water.
  • Just wipe out with soft cloth pieces.
  • Spice Box Style: Antique, Decor, Ethnic, Contemporary, Handcrafted, Unique, Casual, Elegant, Lightweight, Eco-friendly, Kitchenware.
  • This Product is best suited as spice box container or Spice Jars spice rack spice jars spice cabinet spice racks, utility box, multipurpose box handmade hand-carved Wooden Spice Box, by one of the National Awardee master-craftsman.
  • With this spice box, add a traditional look to your kitchen accessories. Spice box can be used to store power spice or raw spices as well
  • Cleaning Technique:

  • Wipe off the dirt from the furniture with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Also avoid using the excess water for cleaning, take moistened cloth to wipe off the dirt.
  • Wash & Care Instruction:

  • Avoid Chemicals
  • Avoid chemical contact with the furniture as it may harm the natural finish and further the durability.
  • Also, make sure to avoid application of polyurethane paints on the furniture.
  • Scratch & Burn Remedy:

  • Scratches, burns, residue and any other surface damage can be taken off with a fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Reapply mineral oil after sanding.
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