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Tamil Traditional Newborn Baby Kit set of 9

Tamil Traditional Newborn Baby Kit set of 9


  1. Tamil Traditional New born baby combo Products Contains:
  2. Vengai Paal / Black Bindi
  3. Vasambu Valayal / Calamus Bracelet
  4. Kaal Thandai ( Copper & Lead Twisted Anklet)
  5. Karu Valayal / Black Bangle
  6. PaalPaasi / White shell necklace
  7. Araignan Kairu / Black Rope wooden box
  8. Paal Sambirani- 50grams
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    About The Products:

  • It’s a Traditional combination of required products for a new Born. All the items are carefully Procured / Crafted with High quality to provide the new born a great comfort in traditional way.
  • Vengai Paal / Black Bindi : Natural and Organic Product. Procured & Packed carefully
  • Vasambu Valayal/ Calamus Bracelet: Organic Product, crafted with care, emanates aesthetic aroma which induces digestion process to the new born
  • Kaal Thandai/Copper & Lead Twisted Anklet: Both good conductor materials, It triggers sensitive nerves at ankle while wearing, provides relaxation to new born.
  • Karu Valayal / Black Bangle: Provides cute look , and considered auspicious against Dhristi
  • PaalPaasi/ White shell necklace :Mother fed Babies normally have the issue of omitting the milk drunk. Even though there is no scientific explanation, Its widely believed in Tamil Tradition that wearing this will avoid that issue.
  • Araignan Kairu / Black Rope : Plays a important role inTamil Traditional rituals.
  • Paal Sambirani -Milk Dhoop : It is manufactured in Traditional way. Emits pleasant smoke while putting on fire. Its used to warm the Baby after Shower.Its considered auspicious and prevents the babies from regular cold and sneezing.
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