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Tanjore Paintings Panjamuga Anjaneya - Ethanic Arts

Tanjore Paintings Panjamuga Anjaneya 18x14-Ethanic Arts


  1. Panjamuga Anjaneya Thanjavur Painting
  2. Type: Wooden Plock Painting
  3. Size: 18 X 14 inch
  4. Materials Used: Water Resistant Glass, Authentic Indian Artificial Gem Stones, Non Toxic Arabic gum & Chalk powder, Natural Vegetables were used to make color dyes.
  5. Frame: Multi colored or Traditional Chettinad Teak Wood frame and Unbreakable fiberglass and Aesthetic Floral design work done on the frame.
  6. Ideal for Pooja rooms, Main Entrance of homes & offices, Pooja, Waiting Halls, Office reception, Study Room etc.
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    History of Tanjore Paintings:

  • The actual origination of Tanjore arts took place during the early 16th century under the Chola Empire.
  • Tanjore arts highly flourished in the period of Tanjore Rayas and Madurai Nayak between the 17th and 18th century
  • Even though the Rayas,Nayakas and Marathas got originated from different regions of India, still they developed the artistic value of Tanjore paintings due tits unique and attractive nature.
  • The wooden planks are found tbe the core base used for creating Tanjorepaintings and it is termed as "Palagai Padam" (Palagai- wood and Padam- Art/Painting)
  • Features:

  • This Painting is 100% handmade by Tanjore Artist.
  • 22 CRAT Gold foils are used tcreate structure on the drawings.
  • Authentic Indian Gems Stone used tdecorate the figures.
  • Detailed Jewellery Work makes more elegant on the paintings.
  • All the Paintings are drawn on the wooden panel.
  • Most of the Arts works are carried out by the theme of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and alssome saints from ancient times.
  • Primary materials used in these artworks are Glass, Wood, Mica and Ivory.
  • Maintenance Instruction:

  • Handle carefully as these are highly delegate items.
  • Monthly once clean the paintings with Cotton cloths or Painting brush tremove the dust.
  • Dnot keep in direct sunlight.
  • Dnot use water, oil, and other cleaning consumables as the color may get faded.
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Brands Ethanic Arts

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