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Tebetian Buddhiest Singing Bowel-Five Buddha

Tebetian Buddhiest Singing Bowel-Five Buddha


  1. Material: Brass
  2. Color : Black and Metallic Gold.
  3. Bowl Size : 5.5" Diameter
  4. Height : 3.2 Inches.
  5. You will receive one singing bowl with wooden mallet.
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  • Crafted to be aesthetically appealing, this singing bowl is highly functional as a tool for Pooja and meditation.
  • Painted and finished in black with Tibetan Characters, it comes with a Hand carved wooden stick.
  • Singing bowl has a number of traditional uses throughout India and Nepal.
  • Their tones are often used as a part of meditation.
  • This beautiful singing bowl produce a wonderful singing and rimming sounds for meditation and healing.
  • A hand hammered bowl with rich harmonic soothing sounds, beautiful patina, tones and vibration it produce harmonized energetic sound and vibration & help to be calm and stress free relaxing.
  • The soothing vibrations produced by the tones give healing and improve mental well-being and spread positive energy to the soundings.
  • This singing bowl can be placed in any setting and, can add aesthetic quality.
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