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Vallarai Podi 3*50g-Iyarkai

Vallarai Podi 3*50g-Iyarkai


  1. Brand: Iyarkai
  2. Weight: 3*50g
  3. Package Qty: 3 Pack
  4. Agmark Quality
  5. 100% Naturals
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FI Price: $4.70
SG Price: $6.00
  • Vallarai has been used as a brain tonic for ages and also many other medical uses.
  • Vallarai can revitalize the brain and nervous system.
  • It can increase concentration, combat aging and improve blood circulation.
  • Vallarai can enhance mental ability in students.
  • Vallarai is also known for its cosmetic uses like skin texture, improving complexion, etc.
  • Consumption of vallarai improves voice and complexion.vallarai can also reduce hair fall and increase hair growth.
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Brands Iyarkai

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