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Vasambu Valayal/Calamus Bracelet

Vasambu Valayal/Calamus Bracelet


  1. Fragrance of Vasambu will rejuvenates the Baby’s brain
  2. It provides proper sleep for the baby
  3. This Bracelet will protect from Digestion problem
  4. It will cure congestion and cold
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    About The Products:

  • In the villages, the name 'Vaasambu' is the name of 'child rearing'. The bottom line - is the root component. T Vasambu (also referred to as flagroot, bitter crinkle root, Rat root, sweet cane, myrtle grass, and sweet sedge) takes a privilege portion in Tamil Traditional medicine.Babies have the habit of shaking the hand as well as often taking their hand to mouth. The fragrance of the Wood aroma will rejuvenates the brain and the nervous system, gives baby a proper sleep, as well as protects new born babies from digestion issues.
  • Benefits:

  • In terms of its medical applications, calamus has been historically and presently used for the following:
  • Sore Throat/ Throat irritation, Headache/migraine, Congestion and Colds, Asthma, Male erecticle dysfunction, Amenorrhea.
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