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Vengai Paal/Black Bindi

Vengai Paal/Black Bindi


  1. This is Natural and Organic Product. Procured & packed carefully
  2. This will removes all types of Dhristi
  3. Vangai Pall naturally has the pleasant fragrance on it
  4. No side effects or skin allergy
  5. This is easy to remove from skin
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    About The Products:

  • Vengai Paal / Black Bindiis a natural bindi packed within half coconut shells with care. From the day of baby name ceremony this black bindi is employed regularly for the babies. it is used to keep from bad eye sights. Bindi created out of milk / blood serum of tree named vengai, No side effects or skin allergy, Vengai Paal Pottu, Liquid Black Bindi for Babies, easy to remove. Buy Vengai Paal / Black Bindi at
  • In many villages of Tamil Nadu, (Vangai Paal) Vijaysar resin is used as a bindi for babies is our tradition. Its natural resin secreted from the tree Vijaysar. On 5th Day, or 7th Day, or 11th Day after the baby is born, New born baby ceremony is done, during that time we used to apply Vengai pal pottu. This resin will not cause any allergies and will have a pleasant smell. This is a heritage practice to avoid Dhristi in any form.
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