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Use code: JUNE5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55
A Bowl of traditional rice controls diabetes

A Bowl of traditional rice controls diabetes

Karuppu Kavani Rice :-
The rice has a low glycemic index and is the best food choice for diabetic patients.
It is rich in anti-oxidants, thus prevents cell damage by free radicals and acts as an anti-aging food.
Due to its vitamin content like vitamin C and Iron, it keeps skin and hair healthy.
It is known to reduce body fat and prevents heart attacks.

Kattuyanam Rice :-
Known as diabetic’s rice with a low glycemic index it is very good for controlling diabetes.
It is rich in minerals which improves heart function and protects body organs.
Rich in antioxidants it prevents cancer.
It is considered the best rice for diabetes patients.

Kalanamak Rice (Red) :-
It has a low glycemic index, hence does not spikes sugar level in the body when consumed.
It is rich in iron and zinc, hence prevents disease related to iron and zinc deficiencies.
Rich in minerals, it improves the function of the brain and nervous system, also prevents kidney problems.
It is known for its ability to prevent cancer and to boost immunity.

Chak Hao Rice :-
One of the best rice for diabetic patients since it has a low glycemic index.
The rice discards toxin from the body and boosts immunity.
It reduces the chances of heart attack and improves the heart’s function.
It is rich in anti-oxidant, especially anthocyanin, thus prevent cell damage caused by the free radicals.

Mappillai Samba :-
Good choice for diabetic patients, since it has a low glycemic index, thereby lowering the impact of raised blood sugar.
It benefits our body by increasing immunity and stamina, aids digestion.
It helps in curing mouth and stomach ulcers.
It helps with brain development for kids.

Poongar Rice :-
It can be included in a diabetic patient’s diet as they have a low Glycemic Index and controls blood sugar level.
Rich in dietary fiber, it also promotes a healthy digestive system.
It lowers the risk of heart disease and other obesity-related conditions.
A good source of zinc and benefits the body by improving its metabolism.

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