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Aadi the Monsoon Festival of gratefulness.

Aadi the Monsoon Festival of gratefulness.

Swati woke up early to get ahead of her sisters from hogging the bathroom. It was Aadi Perukku and everyone at her house was getting ready to do their special Pooja.

Aadi Perukku celebrates the monsoon and pays tribute to the water's life-sustaining properties. Nature is worshipped in the form of Amman deities for blessing mankind with peace, prosperity, and happiness. This festival is celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Adi. 

It is celebrated near river basins, water tanks, lakes, and wells, etc., of Tamil Nadu when the water level dramatically rises, signaling the start of the monsoon season. It is also well-known among Tamils in Sri Lanka. Most Tamils throughout the world commemorate this day as well.

Swati’s family visits the riverside to light a special lamp made of rice flour and jaggery. The ladies of the house light the Maa Vilakku lamp (An auspicious edible lamp made with rice flour and jaggery), which they then float in the river with mango leaves and other accompaniments. Her family would spend the whole day on the banks of the river and host a picnic.

Swati looked forward to Aadi since she was able to visit her favourite cousin. They shared many simple childhood memories, and Aadi was the day when they would speak and reminisce about the past. Her family loved variety rice, and Aadi is special for the 18 variety dishes. It could be unique to each family. Her family enjoyed a wide range of rice flavours such as coconut, lemon, tomato, tamarind, and others, as well as a few sweet dishes.

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