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Bajji - Filling the Heart and the Body

Bajji - Filling the Heart and the Body

Something that evokes delectable memories while living or travelling through any Indian city is the bajji or the bhaji. These small assorted fried snacks are a delight to the old and young. It is a great way to experience the culture and flavour of the town. Whether it be the Vazhakka bajji, Mysore bonda, bread bajji, egg bajji or the Mangalore bajji, it is the crispy and soft bajji mixture that gives all the flavour and fills the gaps between conversations with friends and family.

In any bajji recipe, the stuffing, which could be raw bananas, potato, egg, bread or any other filling is dipped in batter made out of chickpea powder, chilly powder, salt and water and then deep fried. Enjoyed on the side with mint, coconut, or red chutney this much-loved snack is a great way to end the day around the table with friends from the office or at home.

Let not your distance away from home be a hindrance to you celebrating this Diwali with pomp and festivity. Buy Bajji mix on the From India store and fry a delectable snack for you and your family.

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