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Cast-Iron Utensils - Timeless Utensils in the Kitchen

Cast-Iron Utensils - Timeless Utensils in the Kitchen

Grandma quips, “Food just tasted better those days. And... people lived longer and healthy lives” when she talks of days when her family cooked delicious appalams, vegetable fries and garnishing sambhar in a heavy cast-iron Kadai. She remembers crispy, melt-in-the-mouth dosas being made on the iron skillet. The iron skillet is a timeless piece in the kitchen. It lasts long and is healthy when food is cooked in it as the iron gets incorporated into the food.

Cast-iron utensils were used extensively in ancient India. Cast iron consists of alloys such as carbon and silicon. Originating in Madurai, the cast iron utensils are making a comeback after several years of being usurped by the non-stick range of utensils. They are being used now not only for its long life but also for its health benefits and artisanal value.

Get back to your roots with From India’s range of cast-iron utensils. You can enjoy a product that lasts all the way from India, a good health, and sweet memories of your grandma’s delicious food.

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