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Use code: MAY5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55
Classic chairs that never get too old

Classic chairs that never get too old


Rocking chairs have been a part of American culture for a very long time, which is evidenced by the fact that they are prominently featured in both architecture and popular culture. A mother and her kid, or an elderly person and his or her attendant, could both fit into a rocking chair that was typical in the 1700s. The 19th century progressed, and with it came an altogether new group of people who took a liking to rocking chairs. They became a metaphor for the increasing middle class's inability to move forward and an accessory for their practice of casual leisure. Rocking chairs, however, have been a popular addition to front porches, front lawns, patios, decks, nurseries, and living rooms ever since the 18th century, and this trend is still going strong in the 21st century!

Types of Rocking chair

  1. Traditional Rocking chair

Curved legs operate as the chair's rocking mechanism. This is the most common and inexpensive rocking chair. Its time-tested design makes it the most durable type. This type's drawbacks are its rigidity, inflexibility, and enormous floor space requirements.

  1. Glider Rocking chair

Glider rockers use levers and hinges to rock on a flat plane rather than the typical arc. This sort of rocker takes up less room and is cozier. The glider rocker's intricate construction makes it more expensive and breakable than others.

  1. Spring Rocking chair

Spring rockers combine the arcing and glider rockers. They rock like traditional ones, but are sustained by springs. Most designers hide the mechanism beneath a box at the chair's base to avoid unnecessary contact and for aesthetics. These robust rocking chairs are between traditional and glider rockers in price.

  1. Swivel rocking chair
    This functionality in swivel rockers can improve glider and spring rocker functionality and comfort. The complex design gives swivel rockers additional comfort and flexibility, as with other types. Its price and breakage risk rose.
  2. Reclining Rocker

These rockers have reclining backs, as the name implies. It's popular among homeowners who like lounge chairs. You can't rock and recline in these chairs; you must choose one. Safety first! The sophisticated design makes this a pricey rocking chair.

Rocking chair and its health benefits

  1. Enhancing one's mental health

The gentle and soothing motion of rocking while seated in a rocking chair causes endorphins to be released, which can help relieve tension and anxiety. Several studies have shown that this can be a good way to deal with stress.

Endorphins are chemicals that are made in the brain. They are linked to a better mood, which in turn makes people feel less stressed.

  1. Having a smaller body mass

Rocking in a chair like this can be considered a form of light exercise. Rocking chairs offer a low-impact alternative for anyone who is unable to perform strenuous exercises, such as those who are elderly or sick. The act of rocking builds muscle strength, tones the body, and invigorates the body all at the same time. In addition to that, it assists in the burning of calories. The act of regularly sitting in a rocking chair can assist, to some degree, in the process of maintaining a healthy body weight.

  1. It assists in the treatment of sleeplessness.

As everyone is aware, rocking a baby in a rocking chair helps put them to sleep more quickly. Rocking chairs have been shown to be effective in reducing levels of tension and inducing sleep because of their rocking motion. If you are the type of person who has trouble falling or staying asleep, you might want to consider making use of a rocking chair. Rocking oneself on a rocking chair can help alleviate symptoms of despair and anxiety.

  1. Ease the symptoms of back pain

The rocking chair is beneficial for correcting poor body posture. According to a number of studies, using a rocking chair can help alleviate pain in the back as well as in the neck. While sitting on a rocking chair, your body goes through a series of movements that improve blood circulation throughout the body, reduce inflammation, and alleviate physical discomfort. People with chronic back pain might find that a rocking chair helps ease the stiffness in their bodies that comes with their condition.

  1. It provides emotional comfort.

Rocking in a chair not only relaxes the muscles in one's body but also brings about a sense of mental peace and tranquilly. In its most basic form, it consists of the provision of psychological and spiritual solace to the mind and soul. A person's ability to concentrate and calm his or her mind can both be improved by sitting in a chair that rocks back and forth. You can achieve a more revitalized and at-ease state of mind by positioning the rocking chair in front of a window, on the balcony, or on the porch.

  1. Assistance with arthritis

Rocking chairs can be helpful in lessening the discomfort felt by people who suffer from arthritis and are a good option to consider. The muscles and joints are often strengthened as a result of the light workout provided by the rocking movement. Because of the improvement in blood circulation, more oxygen is being delivered to the knees and joints, which ultimately leads to an alleviation of the discomfort.

  1. Recovery after a surgical procedure

Those who have undergone abdominal surgery are sometimes left with gastrointestinal problems after the procedure. Patients who have just undergone surgery benefit from being rocked in order to resume bowel movement sooner after the procedure. Also, because rocking makes the blood flow go faster, it is good for healing after surgery. 

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