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Diwali Oil Bath - Invigorate Your Skin with Pure and Natural Oil

Diwali Oil Bath - Invigorate Your Skin with Pure and Natural Oil

Many traditions are part of Diwali celebrations each year in India; deep cleaning the home, decorating the home with diyas in the evening, purchasing new clothes, buying jewellery, bursting crackers and cooking traditional Indian sweets and snacks and sharing it with friends, neighbors and family.

One tradition that stands out and is done every Diwali is a ritualistic and nourishing oil bath. The story goes that Lord Krishna takes an oil bath after witnessing Satyabhama killing the demon Narakasura to cleanse himself off the dirt and evil. Kareet, a bitter berry is crushed under the feet to symbolise the killing of the demon and an age-old ritual called Abhyang Snan or a holy bath is taken before sunrise. People applied a mixture of rose, ganga water and sesame oil on the body before taking a bath.

Preparations for the oil bath begins the previous night. The next morning, coconut oil is generously applied on the hair and sesame oil on the body. A mixture of besan powder, green gram powder and senaga pindi are mixed as a paste and then applied on the body. Once it is dried it is rubbed off using rice flour. The hair is washed off with reetha.

The oil bath is a great way to begin the holiday as it invigorates the skin by removing dead skin cells that leave the skin glowing. The scrub also increases blood supply, improving skin texture and reducing body hair.

Begin this Diwali with a traditional oil bath. Buy all that you need for this ritual on the From India store today.

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