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Flavours of Indian Cuisine CONDIMENTS AND SEASONINGS

Flavours of Indian Cuisine CONDIMENTS AND SEASONINGS

Spices are the soul of Indian cuisine. They can turn any dish into a delicious dinner and bring even the most basic components to life.

 One of the really challenging aspects of making Indian food is the enormous assortment of spices used — both whole and crushed, which are frequently mixed into complicated spice mixes. However, if people can distinguish and comprehend the spices used, they will learn that Indian cuisine is not so difficult to prepare after all.

 The basics of Indian cooking is the box with seven spices. Some of which are whole spices like cumin and mustard seeds, some in powder forms like the red chilli and turmeric, and one spice blend, the quintessential Garam Masala

This assortment of spices is ground to produce powdered and pickled condiments. Asian food relies heavily on sauces for flavour, but Indian cuisine largely depends on powders, pickles, and pastes.

An aromatic spice blend is sometimes mixed with herbs, vegetables, or meat to make pastes or thick sauce mixtures known as thokkus. Tamarind puliyodharai, a popular savoury sour rice mix, is an excellent example.

Several centuries-old recipes call for fresh and fermented condiments and spices. You can find a broad variety of thokkus, sauces, and spices to help you master Indian cuisine at our website

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