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Use code: MAY5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55

Food in Ceramics, A Jaadi Tale

Summer was finally here and Kriti was delighted to visit her Grandma’s home. She loved her Grandma’s spicy gongura chutneys and sour pickles. It was the only time she could enjoy the delicious spicy dishes her grandma makes without her mother’s permission. Her grandma’s kitchen shelves were neatly lined with old gorgeous ceramic jars. She calls her jaadis priceless since her mother passed it down to her.

Ceramic storage containers have been used widely in India for generations. They are known as pingani jaadi or peengan jaadi in south India meaning that they are made from porcelain or ceramic. Our ancestors loved to make pickles and store chunks of jaggery in ceramic jars. These jars are great for storing tamarind, salt, jaggery, palm jaggery, pickles, and chutneys. Ceramic is a good preservative material, and it helps keep germs, bacteria, and fungus away.

Here are few reasons why storing and eating food out ceramic utensils is beneficial.

Heat resistant
Ceramic pots are created in a kiln and therefore can resist high temperatures. Pots can keep food hot or cold for a long time therefore need not be reheated or refrigerated at any point.

Ceramic pots are made of clay and therefore safe for the body.

Store milk products
Milk and milk products are perishable and contain unique flavours. Storing milk and milk products in ceramic pots adds a rustic flavour to it and when consumed it is beneficial for health. 

Promote Indian craft
Ceramic utensils are unique creations made in India and are a mark of craftsmanship. Not only does it have health benefits but carries a rich cultural heritage, embodies ancient beauty and are unique.

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