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Food is one of the essential requirements for the sustenance of life.

Food is one of the essential requirements for the sustenance of life.

Breakfast is the first thing you think about when you get up, and you can't wait for it! Your day comes to a close with the inquiry, "What should we have for dinner?" Consuming something delectable causes your body to secrete hormones that make you feel good, and you also feel good. On the occasion of Global Food Day, let us make an effort to alleviate hunger in countries all over the globe.

Why do we celebrate "World Food Day"?

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations was established in 1945, and every year on October 16th, people around the world celebrate World Food Day to honor the organization's beginnings. The day strives to end hunger on a continental and international scale. The primary objective is to recognize and honor efforts made throughout the world to increase food security, particularly in challenging times. The FAO has made significant contributions to the success of this endeavor.

Over 150 nations throughout the world honor this significant day with official celebrations.

What are some of the most significant aspects of World Food Day?

The topic of food systems is going to be the focal point of World Food Day in 2022. Even though there is ample food available everywhere on the globe, many countries still struggle with problems such as hunger, obesity, environmental degradation, and climate change. These are just a few of the numerous obstacles that countries must overcome. The objective of World Food Day is to combat this by encouraging social protection programs, environmentally responsible agricultural techniques, and a more robust food system. This will ensure that problems associated with hunger are reduced to a greater extent throughout the world.

The following are five important truths concerning food and nutrition:

  • According to a report compiled jointly by the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, and UNICEF, the global prevalence of waste in 2017 was projected to be close to 8%.
  • There are 1.9 billion overweight people on the planet, and one in every eight people suffers from malnutrition.
  • The United Nations estimates that 820 million people worldwide are experiencing hunger, including 155 million children who are suffering from severe malnutrition.
  • Every five seconds, a child under the age of five dies from a disease linked to hunger.
  • Each year, malnutrition claims the lives of nearly 3.1 million children, according to UNICEF estimates.

The importance of observing World Food Day can be summarized as follows:

It helps contribute to the dissemination of awareness.

Malnutrition, which affects and damages people's brains, is a problem that millions of people are currently facing. This is a life-threatening health emergency brought on by a lack of nutrient-dense food, and it requires immediate attention. It's possible that celebrating World Food Day will help bring attention to this issue, which will then help make sure that everyone has access to healthy meals and that food security is kept.

A gentle reminder that the battle against hunger can be won.

At this time, the amount of food that our planet generates is sufficient to satisfy the needs of all of its inhabitants. On the other hand, approximately 1.3 billion tons of food, or roughly 20% of total food production, is lost or wasted each year. People are encouraged to become involved in the fight against food waste and the feeding of millions of people as part of World Food Day.

It teaches us how to eat with awareness.

Because we get pleasure from eating, we tend to consume more calories than is required. We always order between three and four different dishes, but we always end up throwing away one of them. It is important to observe World Food Day because it serves as a reminder to eat with awareness and to keep in mind that millions of people are unable to prepare even a single meal for themselves. Kindly be kind, and please begin over with a fresh, optimistic perspective and frame of mind.


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