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Gulab Jamun - Soaked in Sweet Memories

Gulab Jamun - Soaked in Sweet Memories

Childhood memories of food always feature the delicious, soft, hot steaming Gulab jamuns. Some Sunday afternoons, mothers, aunts and children stood around the kitchen counter to roll Gulab jamuns into small circular shapes. Once the delectable sweets were ready, the whole family sat around to watch a favourite T.V show or listen to music.

Gulab Jamun is an Indian sweet dish that is consumed during Diwali, during festivals and other celebrations. Created with flour and made into small circular rounds, this mixture is then fried in oil and then dropped into thick sugar syrup with a hint of cardamom or saffron. Once the rounds are soaked in sugar syrup it is either eaten with ice cream or enjoyed just like that.

With Diwali round the corner, soak in the sweet memories of your childhood when you and your family savoured these delectable treats. Buy Gulab jamun mix from the From India store today.

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