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History of the elegant Annapachi Kuthu Vilakku

History of the elegant Annapachi Kuthu Vilakku

During the festive season, Sita enjoyed watching her mother and aunts light lamps. Since she was a child, she was not permitted to light the lamps. Her granny had just retrieved the massive Annapachi Kuthu Vilakku from the storage when she returned from school that day. The following day was Diwali, therefore she was cleaning the lamps that will be lighted the next day.

Annapachi Kuthu Vilakku is a brass lamp that is medium height. During festive poojas and other events, these lights are ignited. The women of the home or the elderly generally light the Kuthu Vilakku . The lamps were initially manufactured in Nachiarkoil by a community known as Pathers, who practiced this art form made of brass and bell metal in Nagercoil. Five Pather families relocated to Kumbakonam and subsequently to Nachiarkoil in 1857.

They noticed local craftsmen making this product out of brass sheets in Kumbakonam. Because the Pathers were unfamiliar with the use of sheets in the creation of handicrafts, they applied it to their trade, which consisted of molding brass and bell-metal using a specific sort of sand called “vandal sand”. They chose Nachiarkoil because the pale brown sand found in the neighboring Cauvery river bed was unique and ideal for molding their goods.

The lanterns are produced by Pathers (Kammalar), local artists who live in significant numbers in Natchiyarkovil's Kammalar street. The Nachiarkoil lamp is available in both bell metal and brass; brass is more popular currently since it is more readily accessible and less expensive.

The lamp is made up of four parts, a "Keezhbagam" (base plate), a "kandam" (pivotal pillar), a "Thanguli" (a bowl with five grooves for holding wicks and oil for lighting), and a "Prabhai" (crown). Nachiarkoil is the prefix applied to lamps that are manufactured in a standing or pedestal shape. In temples or "deepams," other types of lights are suspended from the ceiling. These lights are ornately decorated and look lovely during celebrations.

It was Diwali, Sita’s mother and grandma lit the lamps and had a meditative pooja. She was etching the intense beautiful moment in her mind to reminiscence in the future. You can also light up your homes with this Annapachi Kuthu Vilakku , check our website to order now.

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