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Homemade Masalas: The Heart of Every Indian Kitchen

Homemade Masalas: The Heart of Every Indian Kitchen

The foods that we love from home always has a unique touch and flavour that make us go back to it again and again. One of the chief ingredients in every Indian kitchen is the masala. Without it, an authentic Indian dish is incomplete. Its essence evokes memories of childhood and a loved one.

Do you remember when your mother bought fresh and dried fragrant spices at the store? She dry roasts each spice separately in a pan on a free afternoon. The aroma of coriander, peppercorns, fenugreek, mustard, cumin, red chillies, cassia and dry ginger wafts through the rooms. Once roasted and cooled, mother takes it in a container to the mill to be ground into a masala. At the mill, the women linger to talk about life, the miller knows exactly when to use a stick to push the ingredients along and you sneeze as the strong pungent smells emanate from the machine after the seeds are crushed into powder. Just as the women linger, so does the fragrance. Eventually, it makes its way into a curry that is enjoyed by the entire family in the moment and cherished long after one leaves home.

Preparing a meal from raw and fresh ingredients is practised throughout India, even though it has become increasingly popular to use readymade powders in our current time and age. Homemade masalas are made using loved spices that are dry roasted and blended either at home or in a mill. These masalas are what make cooking authentic Indian food easy and delicious.

Masalas are a quintessential ingredient of every Indian home. The saying goes that ‘Food Makes Anything Better'. It is true to say that what makes food better in India are its spices and the combination of spices in quantity and quality to make masalas that are used to make stews, curries, and rice dishes.

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