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Ilavam Panju Matresses For Your Good Sleep

Ilavam Panju Matresses For Your Good Sleep

Ilavam panju cotton mattress are the softest mattresses imaginable and are excellent sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to ordinary cotton mattresses. Some of the best quality cotton used in Kapok mattresses are sourced from the plateaus of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

Made from the finest materials, Kapok Mattresses (Ilavam panju). Ilavam Panju mattresses are one of a kind, made from the finest premium quality cotton without a hint of polyester in it which is extremely comfortable and within budget. The Ilavam Panju mattresses are bacteria resistant. They naturally repel mold, bacteria, virus, mildew to thrive in. It also repels moisture. It makes you feel comfortable and cool in bed during the most humid of summers. This mattress available in different varieties such as organic kapok pillows, and even used as natural breast support for pregnant women. It also used to make  cushions, mats, swings, bolsters and coasters. This organic kapok called Ilavam panju pillows are specially made for those with chronic body pains. Or one who suffer from sleeping disorder. Kapok fibres (Ilavam Panju) are very durable. Since they are sourced directly from nature, they are completely free from synthetic chemicals. If you put your ilavam panju mattress and pillows out in the sun every month, they would stay fresher. The natural filling in the mattress act as a cushion layer is an additional support to the back. Those with back problems, muscle aches, and fatigued stressful lives must invest in an organic Ilavam Panju mattress once in their lives. It is an absolute game changer.

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