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Inji Marappan : A hot and sweet tale

Inji Marappan : A hot and sweet tale

Meenu was a big fan of the Inji Marappa Bars. Inji Marappa is a traditional and popular South Indian sweet prepared with dried ginger and sugar. In English, Inji Murappa is known by several names, notably Inji Mittai and Ginger Candy.

They brought back memories of her childhood. She created a drink using pulverised Inji Marappa and a scoop of coffee that she drank on a regular basis. It gave her relief from her lethargic days and soothed her throat.

This ginger candy is made with sugar and fresh or dried ginger. It relieves digestive issues and increases energy levels when travelling by preventing travel sickness. The flavour of ginger mixed with the sweetness of sugar will give the sweet a unique flavour. 

Inji Marappa is made with sugar, ghee, ginger, and a flour base of your choice. The ingredients are cooked and cooled into these soft and easily breakable bars. In Tamil Nadu, this is usually accessible at bus and railway terminals. It also keeps your body warm and keeps you from becoming ill when you're pregnant.

Meenu didn't just sit back and enjoy the Inji Marappan and coffee combination by herself. She always made the drink for her friends too when they would visit her. They loved drinking a glass of it and reminiscing on their childhood memories.

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