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Kerala Puttu - Nutrition In Every Layer

Kerala Puttu - Nutrition In Every Layer

Puttu is a popular dish in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka. Traditionally served with kadala (chana) curry or with green gram curry, Puttu has nutrition in every layer.

In the past it was a nutritious breakfast eaten by farmers who had to work on paddy fields through hot days. The rice flour, coconut, jaggery and kadala served carbohydrates, proteins and essential vitamins that sustained labourers the whole morning as they lumbered under the warm sun, humid conditions and excruciating work.

In ancient days the rice flour used to make puttu was pounded using a pestle and mortar which was hard work but now puttu powder is available in all supermarkets and online shopping sites such as From India. To make delicious puttu, one should know the right amount of water to mix with the rice flour. Coconut milk is also used to get the desired texture and flavour. The flour is then placed in a mould, which is then placed in a steamer or placed on the pressure nozzle on top of the pressure cooker. Puttu steamers are either made of metal or made of bamboo. Using a bamboo steamer makes delicious puttu as the flavour is retained in the bamboo mould. The ‘cheratu’ (coconut shell) is also used to cook puttu. A hole is made on one of the three ‘eyes' of the coconut shell for the steam to enter.

The puttu made in the cheratu contains mild flavours of the coconut shell. What makes puttu truly delicious are its different layers. These layers include white or red rice flour, grated coconut, keema or steamed vegetables. Whatever you choose to use, puttu is delicious yet healthy. Now you can have puttu for breakfast wherever you are by shopping for authentic Kerala puttu powder on From India today!

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