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Use code: MAY5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55

Kuthampully the weaver's paradise

Alia rushed home to prepare for her sister's wedding. Her mom insisted she dress up in the most traditional attire possible. Alia loved fusion wear. She mixed and matched several outfits to exude a cool vibe. Her mom offered her a collection of her special sarees. The collection included a set of beautiful handloom sarees in linen, cotton and silk. One particular saree caught her eye. It was a traditional white Kasavu saree from Kuthampully. She decided to wear the saree with her grandmother's jewels because the fabric was soft and light. The minimal color complemented her style and Alia just loved it.

The Kuthampully saree is well-known for its excellent quality. It's a modest cotton weaving town in the northeast of Thrissur. Some of the most famous garments from this weavers paradise include the kasavu saree, dhoti, set mundu, and veshti. Weavers from Kuthampully have a long  history of mastering extraordinary artistic methods and producing the highest quality sarees. As time passed, weavers adapted to modern techniques in order to keep up with current fashion and style trends. The Kochi Royal family brought traditional weavers 500 years ago to weave garments for the royal family. Now approximately 3000 individuals are now employed in a range of small companies and entrepreneurial ventures in Kuthampully.

Alia loved her soft Kasavu saree. It added a simple touch to her grandmother's vintage designer jewelry. Her mother was overjoyed to watch her daughter shine so gorgeously. You can also own your own Kasavu saree from Kuthampully today. Check out our website to know more.

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