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Morning Breakfast Glory: Fermented Rice

Morning Breakfast Glory: Fermented Rice

Maya's typical breakfast consisted of Idlis, dosas, pongal, and one medium-sized crispy vada, all served with a flavorful chutney or sambhar. She went to her grandmother's house for the holidays, and she expected the same dishes because South Indian breakfast was a tradition in her family.

Instead, she got a cup of old rice mush with chilies, little onions, and peanuts on top. She didn't complain even though it was a hot and scorching day. Maya ate the entire gooey dinner in one sitting, and the toppings added flavour to the sour mush.

She was desperate to know what her grandmother's breakfast was when she finished it. Maya was taken aback when her grandmother replied with a mischievous smile, "Palaya Thanni choru da." (Its fermented rice, dear!!) She admired Grandma's commitment to zero waste and sustainability.

Fermented rice is an extremely potent meal. The fermented bacteria give the food a great flavour and a wealth of nutrients. Fermented rice is a staple of South Indian breakfast. Rice digestion is aided by fermentation, which also provides nutritious value.

Lactic acid bacteria, lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, yeast, and moulds are the most frequent microorganisms that occur in rice during fermentation. Rice carbs are broken down by microorganisms into an easily digestible form that is light on the stomach.

Rice's carbohydrate content is lowered following fermentation, according to research. So, relax and enjoy your delectable idlis, dosas, and overnight rice while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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