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Murukku - Celebrations in Life that Come Full Circle

Murukku - Celebrations in Life that Come Full Circle

One formative childhood memory of Diwali includes grandma at the table mixing a dough to make murukku. Just the memory of seeing grandma stuff the dough into a steel press and shape it into a desired shape brings sufficient joy. You remember how you savoured the murukku, sometimes too soon after it was taken out from the oil that burnt your tongue, sometimes together with a delicious diwali snack. These memories make you want to try it now when you are older and far away from home.

Murukku, a deep fried snack usually made with rice flour and dal flour is a popular savoury snack that is consumed throughout India. It goes by other names such as chakli, chakuli, chakralu and jantikalu. With so many varieties of murukku in the market, sometimes what is remembered best are those made at home by grandmas, mothers and aunts, as they hover around the kitchen, weaving old stories, celebrating the festival of lights and knitting their families hearts with the love of food.

This Diwali, bring back memories of past years to your home, share the same stories, create new ones and just like your family did it for you years ago, create delicious food and bring the warmth of your family home into your own.

Buy traditional Murukku mix from the From India store today. Try a recipe that is simple or a variation of your own, shape it traditionally or randomly. The choice is yours!
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