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Refreshing Your Skin Naturally

On a bright summer day long ago, Grandma dried turmeric root, rose petals, champak, white turmeric, muthakach khus, Indian sarsaparilla, cinnamon, marikolunthu/sagewort, marjoram, flagroot/sweet cane, black stone flower and the chinnoti red bay leaf on the open verandah. You remember the sweet and pungent fragrance of the spices wafting through the house. Your grandpa helped put the spices into a stainless steel can and you walked hand in hand with him to a mill to grind the spices into Nalangu Maavu.

Years later you still remember this summer tradition with fond memories of your grandparents and the sweet-pungent smells return to you.

Nalangu Maavu,a herbal body powder is an Ayurvedic recipe made with natural ingredients. Considered to have innumerable benefits for the skin, the powder is increasingly being used as an alternative to commercially produced soaps. It reduces oil on skin by restoring optimal pH of the skin. It helps control inflammation as it contains turmeric, reduces body odour and sweating. As it contains all naturally occurring ingredients, it protects and enhances skin unlike commercial soaps that are laden with chemicals.

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