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Navratri Food for The Soul

Navratri Food for The Soul

Leela used to come home for Navratri every year. It was her favorite time of year when she could experiment with new dishes for her family. She loved cooking various cuisines, and Navrati was no excuse. The Navratri festival in South India has its unique set of recipes.

The Navratri holiday is celebrated throughout India, with Durga Puja, Dandiya & Garba, and Kolu/Golu being among the most popular. Leela's family prepared their traditional Golu while she prepared the delectable Prasadham. Her neighbors came over to witness the Golu celebration and eat some of her delicious cuisines. Leela’s secret ingredient to her cooking is fried shredded coconut as garnishes. During Navratri, a wide range of Pongal dishes is popular. Leela tops her food with a spoonful of hot Ghee to make it aromatic and delicious.

Nav means nine. There are nine days of Durga (Shaki/Devi) celebrations and devotion in various forms, culminating in Vijayadashami/Dussehra on the tenth day. A famous Navratri dish is Kala Chana Sundal. On the first day of Navratri, a typical Navratri meal calendar would include Ven Pongal and Green Gram Sundal.

A delicious, scrumptious Kesari, Sundal, and Tamarind rice will be served on the second day. The third day consists of sweet Pongal, rice based Sundal, and Paruppu Vadai. Soft Appams and Sambhar rice are served on the fourth day. Payasam, curd rice, and Rajma Sundal for the fifth day of rice. Milk, lemon, and coconut rice, as well as a set of Sundals, are served on the sixth, seventh, and eighth days. The ninth day is a special day with five different types of rice and a unique Sundal.

Another favorite of the South Indians is Variety rice. It's adaptable and may be customized to your liking. To make the dishes more flavorful, add almonds, coconut, and ghee. Popular dishes include Halwas, Ladoos, Payasam, Kesari, and Vadas. Navratri is also a beautiful time to enjoy seasonal fruits, vegetables, and grains.

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