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Nettipattam: The symbol of wealth and strength

Nettipattam: The symbol of wealth and strength

Sita invited Miyuki to visit her parents. Miyuki was from Japan and she had been Sita's best friend for the longest time. It was a warm spring morning. Miyuki packed a box of mochi sweets and essentials in her tote bag. She wanted to make a good impression on Sita's parents since it was her first time visiting them. Sita's house was very rustic and traditional. They had several traditional Indian items doting their shelves and walls. The smell of camphor and incense was mild and calming. There was one wall hanging that caught Miyuki's eye. It was the Netipattam wall hanging from Kerala.

During Hindu festivals in Kerala, elephants wear the Nettipattam, which is an important ornament to decorate the animal. Lord Brahma, according to legend, designed the Nettipattam. Airavata, Lord Indra's white elephant, was the first lucky elephant to wear it. Today the elephants wearing the caparison represent the holy Airavata. This piece of Hindu astrological art portrays Hinduism's complete pantheon of gods.

Previously, this headpiece was only worn by elephants only at festivals. It's now available in a variety of sizes as wall hangings. People think that the caparison, which depicts all the Hindu gods, brings wealth and harmony.

Today, Nettipattam can be found in people's living rooms, shops, commercial establishments, and hotels. It is hung as decor in automobiles. Miyuki also desired to purchase a Nettipattam for her residence. Because she admired the traditional piece's design style and history.

Popular Kerala temples have stores that sell Nettipattam nearby. You can also own Nettipattam today. Check out our website to shop now.

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