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Pallanguzhi: An Ancient Game to Enhance Memory Power

Pallanguzhi: An Ancient Game to Enhance Memory Power

Seema was cleaning up her old storage room on a fine weekend. She found a few rusty iron trunks that were half-opened and draped in cobwebs. She noticed a few of her old toys and her Pallanguzhi board. The board transported her back in time to her childhood days. Seema was born into a joint family. Everyone was extremely close and adored Seema. Whenever the electricity went out, her cousins would love to play Pallanguzhi. It was an extremely challenging game and Seema was exceptionally good at it.

Pallanguzhi is a popular ancient two-player game played mostly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in South India. The games later spread to other parts of the world, including India's Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia.

This is a game that both children and adults enjoy. Children are encouraged to learn to count when playing this game. This also helps develop their eye-hand coordination and focus. Elders challenge and play games with the family's younger members.

Seema knew it was about time she played the game with her husband and kids that night. Her husband made crispy chips and samosas. They had a blast that night and her kids loved the game.

You can also have a memorable weekend game night with your family and friends. Order this Fish model Pallanguzhi board from our website to have a relaxing weekend.

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