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Panniyaram – Pillowy and healthy snack,fluffed up with love

Panniyaram – Pillowy and healthy snack,fluffed up with love

Remember those evenings when you came home from school. You smell the sour and sweet smells of the panniyaram as your mother helps you remove the sagging school bag. Fluffed up with love, you devour the pillowy and healthy snack as your mother continues pouring more batter into the moulds for the rest of the family.

Panniyaram, a south Indian delicacy also called as Paddu, Guliyappa, Yeriyappa, can be made into a sweet or savoury treat using jaggery or chillies. These ball shaped dumplings are made with fermented uraddal and rice batter which is then poured into moulds to be fried. Other ingredients such as beaten rice and methi seeds are added to provide additional flavour.

Now you are far away from home and memories of school days, the welcoming embrace of your mother and the sweet smells of healthy snacks emanates through the kitchen.

Relive your memories of home today with fresh and authentic ingredients to recreate the Panniyaram that you fondly remember from your childhood.

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