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Patriotic, Vibrant, Independent & Strong Independence Day

Patriotic, Vibrant, Independent & Strong Independence Day

British rule for almost 200 years and on the mark of Independence from Britishers we are celebrating August 15th as Independence Day. And this year we are celebrating our 76th Independence Day. Independence Day in India is declared a Government Holiday.

Why Independence Day on August 15?

From the year 1930 – 1947, Independence Day is celebrated on January 26th. After many years of struggle, Britishers were forced to give independence. And the Last British governor-general of India – Mount Batten was given the power to give independence to India on 30th June 1948. However, Indians never accepted the delay in independence. This made Mountbatten advance the Independence date to August 15, 1947, and did not want people to shed blood for the same. This date also remembers the 2nd anniversary of Japan after the surrender in the 2nd World war in which severely they were attacked by a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


The British started to rule us in 1757, by winning the Battle of Plassey it was taken over by the East India Company. During World War I with the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Indians started the independence movement against the British. Later, Mahatma Gandhi advocated a non-violent protest, and then the civil disobedience movement took place. After two world wars, Britishers are weakened this laid foundation for India for getting Independence on August 15, 1947. On the eve of independence, Jawaharlal Nehru is selected as the first prime minister of independent India.

How did India gain Independence?

India gained Independence because of many non-violent movements initiated by Mahatma Gandhi known as Satyagraha. Jawaharlal Nehru and many other freedom fighters joined against Britishers and protested against them for every bill they passed.

World War I and II are the major reasons which increased the chances of getting Independence since Britishers relied mostly on the Indian armed forces than their forces.

After independence, the US government passed the Indian Independence act 1947 which made India become the world’s largest democratic country transferring legislative sovereignty to the Indian Constituent Assembly.

Partition of India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan were divided when Mount Batten declared independence. And it was divided based on the “Two nation theory” stated by Syed Ahmed Khan in which he describes Muslims and Hindus are different to be in one country. Hence, Pakistan is divided by the majority of Muslims. And Mount Batten convinced the leaders on the same. Since Independence was announced at midnight on August 14th, Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 14th and India on August 15th.


Independence Day in India

Independence Day is celebrated all over India by hoisting the flag, parade, drills, distributing sweets, etc., and at the end by singing the National anthem. According to the state capital, different cultural programs will be arranged in the corresponding state and the State chief minister will host the flag in their state. The Prime minister will participate in the flag hoisting ceremony in red fort, New Delhi and followed by a parade by armed forces and police. The Prime minister will also address a speech about the accomplishment and hurdles faced in India over the past year and also about the future goals and plans which is broadcasted on television. A tradition of flying various colors and shapes of kites in the sky is done. In the honor of occasion 21 gunshots are fired.

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