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Pure health with Pink Salt

Pure health with Pink Salt

Legend has it that hundreds of years ago crystallized sea salt beds in the Himalayan ranges were covered by lava. Unadulterated in this pristine environment that is surrounded by snow and ice throughout the year the salt is said to be the purest salt found on earth.

These pink colored crystals are a rich source of minerals and amino acids. The light pink color of the salt is due to the presence of natural iron oxide in the salt.

Some benefits of Pink salt are:

  1. Increases body hydration
  2. Regulates water content inside and outside cells.
  3. Reduces acid reflux
  4. Prevents muscle cramping
  5. Regulates rate of metabolism
  6. Prevents thyroid malfunctions
  7. Improves blood circulation
  8. Aids the absorption of nutrients by the intestines.

Buy pink salt from  Use it to create your favourite soup or preserve a dish and enjoy the health benefits.

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