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Rava Ladoo - Sweet to the Tooth, Honey to the Heart.

Rava Ladoo - Sweet to the Tooth, Honey to the Heart.

Festivals are times when you remember home the most. The closer it gets so does the fondness and remembrances of home grow and you begin to make frequent calls to home. You wish you could be home with your family and try in your own way to enliven your home with the celebratory experiences of the festival.

Making sweets at home during Diwali is a great way to bring back memories. All year one waits for Diwali, to dress up in traditional Indian clothes, decorating the home, lighting diyas, eating sumptuous snacks and bursting firecrackers.

One sweet dish consumed in most households around Diwali is Rava Ladoo or SoojiLadoo. An easy to make sweet, with rava , ghee and sugar, this delectable treat is made in minutes. The ladoo is made by roasting the sooji, powdering it and then adding to it powdered sugar, cardamom and ghee to make the ladoos.

This Diwali, make and enjoy rava ladoo and enliven your home with the same feelings you experienced at home. Buy Rava ladoo mix on the From India store today.

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