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Ribbon Murukku – Crispy Hot delights

Ribbon Murukku – Crispy Hot delights

When there is a celebration you can be sure that there are going to be friends and family surrounding you. This Diwali, you can also enjoy the coming together of relationships, good food and the celebrations that go with it. One way to spruce up your celebrations is with a load of authentic Indian snacks including Ribbon Murukku.

Ribbon Murukku is usually created with rice flour and besan flour and then pressed into a ribbon shape and deep fired until crisp and hot. Popularly consumed during Indian festivals and most prominently during Diwali, Ribbon Murukku is loved by adults and children and generously shared with neighbours.

Make this year’s Diwali gift more joyous by giving authentic Indian snacks and sweets to both your friends and family. Buy Ribbon Murukku powder on the From India store, prepare it and enjoy the precious smile on your loved one’s face.

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