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Rock Salt - Pure And Unprocessed

Rock Salt - Pure And Unprocessed

Say the word salt and the image that it conjures up is the Dandi March during the Indian freedom movement. We’ve come a long way from that time during the freedom struggle for India’s independence. In ancient days, goods and services were bartered instead of currency. During the reign of the Roman Empire, salt was bartered in exchange for services to the empire because of its great value. Great importance was placed on salt in other cultures too. It was used by the Egyptians in religious offerings and bartered for trade by the Phoenicians.

Salt has been used not only for food consumption and preservation but also in the human, mythological, economic and religious spheres. In today’s market that promotes the growth and sustainability of organic and pure products, rock salt has once again entered the market and for good reason.

Rock salt is a naturally occurring salt and is found in mines. It is a mineral rich salt that contains calcium, magnesium and potassium that is unprocessed and adds a rich flavour to day-to-day meals. Many individuals are beginning to use rock salt as an alternative to iodised or common salt owing to its innumerable health benefits. When it is consumed, it improves digestion, boosts metabolism, stabilises blood pressure, boosts immunity and a host of innumerable health benefits.

It is not only used in foods but also in bath products as bath salts and in salt lamps. When rock salt is mixed with hot water and inhaled it treats symptoms of sinusitis, when used as a bath salt it promotes sleep and reduces stress, when used in a humidifier it purifies air by pulling toxins from the air, when used as a cleanser and face wash it promotes healthy skin, when used as an ingredient to soak feet it reduces edema and inflammation, when used along with a shampoo it promotes healthy hair by retaining natural oils in the hair and also helps in the treatment of bleeding gums.

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