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Use code: JUNE5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55

Sakkara Pongal and sweet memories.

Jai adored Pongal vacations. He was a bit of a gourmet, and he really enjoyed Pongal because of the incredible South Indian feast he could partake in during the holiday.

Pongal provided an excellent opportunity to satiate a year-long hunger for sweet treats. Pongal was, of course, Jai's favourite dish at the festival. He adored rice in all its forms, but this particular sweet mulchy treat was exceptionally dear to him. The meal brought up a lot of memories for him. His family often came together, and he had a habit of spending Pongal with his cousins. Cooking the Sweet Pongal brought back a flood of memories.

Rice, moong dhal lentils, ghee, jaggery, sugar, cardamom, saffron, and a variety of roasted nuts are used to make Sweet Pongal or Sakkara Pongal, a traditional South Indian meal. This meal was traditionally prepared as an offering to the Gods on special occasions and festivals. The importance of this dish is that it commemorates a successful harvest. It is said that the homes that enjoy this beautiful feast will be blessed with prosperity and abundance.

As is customary, Jai paid a visit to his family during Pongal. This year, he offered to prepare the delicious Pongal. He took much care and affection in preparing the food. His secret to the finest Pongal ever was to roast the moong dhal before preparing it. He also garnishes the dish with a touch of saffron. Adding a sprinkle of edible camphor to the Sakkara Pongal was another way to elevate the delicacy. With a rush of sweet and spicy flavour, the delicious treat melts in your tongue.

Now you can also make delicious Pongal at your home. Check out our website for authentic ingredients and enjoy this Pongal festival with a feast of delicious treats.

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