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Use code: JUNE5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55
Seasoned Stone Utensils

Seasoned Stone Utensils

Seasoning utensils made with natural elements has been an age-old practice done for the vessel’s durability and to avoid cracks while cooking. With people moving steadily towards a healthy lifestyle the choice for kitchen utensils is now ancient and traditional utensils used by our ancestors. Stone utensils were used extensively in previous years as cooking in it enhances the flavours of the food and neutralises the pH balance of acidic food.

Stone utensils are heavy vessels which retain heat for a long time and do not require the food to be reheated. The stone utensils are initially grey in color and after seasoning and cooking it turns black. Food gets cooked slowly and evenly and therefore continues to cook even after the stove is turned off.

When you buy stoneware at the store, you will find two options seasoned and unseasoned. Some of us are not lucky enough to have the knowledge handed down to us by our grandmothers who were excellent at making delicious curries. These heavy solid dishes are used to make that grandma approved authentic and delicious Paniyarams, Aapams and Kal dosas, Vatha kulambus, Thokkus, Soups, Stews, Gravies, and Curries.

Seasoning stone utensils is a prolonged process and takes 10 days. Here are the steps to season new stone utensils.

  1. Mix castor oil and turmeric powder into a runny paste. Apply the paste liberally on all sides of the vessel, including the bottom. Dry it in the sun for a day.
  2. Repeat the same process for the next 5 days without washing it in water.
  3. On the 6th day, use a scrub to remove the oil and wash the vessel with hot water.
  4. The next 5 days soak the vessel in starch water. Soak the vessel in new and fresh starch water every day.
  5. Wash with mild soap, scrub well and wash. Soap is only used once while seasoning and should not be used regularly as there are pores that can erode the stone if repeatedly used.
  6. Dry completely for a day.
  7. It is ready for use. Do not overheat the vessel immediately. Begin with a simmer and progressively use higher temperatures.

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