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Strengthen Your Immunity with Nilavembu

Strengthen Your Immunity with Nilavembu

When you were down with the flu, lying feverish in bed, the matriarch in your house cooled your body with a cold press and as you drifted off into a fitful sleep, you intermittently heard the stirring up of a potion and the bitter, strong fragrance of Nilavembu Kashayam emanating through to where you slept.
You would have preferred to sleep, but those strong gentle hands support your back and help you drink the powerful and strengthening drink. And then. minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day your senses were revitalised, your muscles responded, and strength returned.
Nilavembu which is also termed Siriyanangai is a bitter and digestive herb that has anti-inflammatory properties.Nilavembu kashayam is concocted with nine other local herbs including chukku(dry ginger), Parpaadagam (Mollugo), Vettiver (Vettiveria), Vilamichai root (Plectranthus), Koraikizhangu (Nutgrass), Paeipudal (Snake gourd), Milagu (Pepper) and Sandhanam (Sandal).
Nilavembu boosts immunity, and strengthens the body. Protect your family and yourself with the revitalising health giving drink. Shop Nilavembu powder on the FromIndia online site today!
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