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Use code: MAY5; Get 5% Extra Discount on Orders Above $55


Refreshing memories with every sip

Our early remembrances of sick days spent resting on the bed and inhaling the invigorating smells of sukkukappi wafting through the air, usually prepared by a matriarch - a grandmother, an elderly aunt or a mother. You hear the doors creak as she enters and hear her say, ‘You have this, and you will be okay. Sit up.Drink”.

When you drink the rich brewed liquid your throat stings with the heat and then calms the body with the healing it provides. These remembrances are stronger and vivid when your grown and far away from home. Your loved one is not around when you fall ill. With no one else to prepare these magic potions, you head to the kitchen to make one for yourself. And while you’re there, you inhale the same smells that you inhaled long ago that brings back memories of sick days and the people who made those days better. And somehow through visceral memory you know how much Sukku(dried ginger)to add just the right amount of jaggery and then perfect it with filter coffee. With each sip you drink, you hear those tender voices again that lift the spirit and strengthen your bones.

Sukku is the tamil word for dried ginger. It is the key ingredient in the beverage that is both healthy and refreshing. Usually prepared and consumed on days that one is ill; it is a great alternative to other caffeinated drinks and can be had regularly. The drink usually has dried ginger, jaggery and coffee, but sometimes is also had using mallior dried coriander seeds, which is called sukkumallikappi.

Whether it be a cold winter morning, a rainy day, a day that you’ve fallen ill or just a day where you are reminded of the days when you were young and pampered by your family, bolster yourself with this healthy and invigorating drink. Shop for authentic SukkuKappipowder on From India today!

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